iATS Ambulance Service...What are the steps to arranging one?


 We arrange consultation with the attending physician / nurse  and the patient's family to determine the exact type of air ambulance service, precise medical  equipment, and nurse or paramedic needed onboard. Part of the process is to keep the family constantly informed....


  We arrange pick up for the patients at their initial bedside at the hospital, home, or facility by ambulance, stretcher or wheelchair.   


     Patient is then transferred onto the aircraft arranged by air ambulance at plane side...


     The aircraft chartered by air ambulance takes off for a smooth and safe trip with an air ambulance nurse & doctor onboard...


  Upon landing we arrange to place the patient onto a waiting ground ambulance that will transport the patient to...  

  The receiving bedside, nursing home ,own home or hospital.



1. How soon can the ambulance reach my address?.

Ans: The ambulance will arrive within 30 minutes at the address provided.

2. How many person can accompany the patient in the ambulance?.

Ans: A maximum of 2 persons are allowed to accompany the patient to the hospital.Children below 12 is not allowed for insurance propose.

3. Can you bill the ambulance fees to my address or deduct through Medisave 0r...?.

Ans: I'm sorry, Sir/Mdm. I'm unable to do that as only cash payment is accepted. We only accepted big organization upon approval.

4. For the 2 way bookings will the ambulance wait for me at the hospital?.

Ans: No, the ambulance will not wait at the hospital. However you will be provided a contact number and you can give the call once

        everything  has been completed at your end and they will return and fetch the patient and you from the hospital.   

5. How long should take for advance booking the ambulance to sent my loved to medical appointment?.

Ans: The best 3days in advance. The call centre will recall back to reconfirm the booking.

6. Did any cancellation fees being charge after my booking being cancel in last minute?.

Ans: NO. if being inform us early one day, Cancellation fees will be charge upon ambulance arrive at your door step without inform us cancel booking.

7. In case patient critical stage what should i do..call your hotline or call emergency ambulance?.

Ans: The best you call SCDF Emergency Ambulance 995                                                                                 


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